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Who Are You?

When I ask this question to my clients, I often get a blank stare and a shoulder shrug. What follows that is the long list of the roles we all play. These roles might include being a husband, wife, father, mother, daughter, son, employee, and what we like to do, etc.

But what I am asking runs deeper than these fleeting roles we play.  Yes I am talking about the Spirit.  I am talking about the part of you that never changes.  It is always there with you all the time.  The part that does not judge you of being good or bad, wrong or right, beautiful or ugly, intelligent or not.  This is the place where you get your true self-worth and self-esteem. The self-esteem that comes from the Spirit does not rely on how good you are, how intelligent you are, how smart you are.  You embrace your self in your totality and wholeness.  You welcome your weaknesses in addition to you honoring your strengths.  You don’t have to compare yourself with anybody else in order to feel good about yourself.  You do not have to compete, but believe in who you are at the core-that is pure and infinite possibilities.

So how do you get there? I would suggest you start journaling through your exploration.  You can learn to be the witness or observer through mindfulness and meditation.  Or get in contact with a good counselor that specializes in this area.


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