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Where Are You Looking For Satisfying Relationships?

Relationship satisfaction is the key to maintain any relationship and directly related with your happiness in the relationship. If you are not happy with your relationship, I have good news for you. I would like to propose that you have to look no further than yourself for satisfying relationships. I wrote a blog How Do You Look at Your Relationships earlier and shared that everything is connected with everything else at the quantum level.  The true nature of the world is holographic, which means that the whole is reflected in every part.  No matter how small the part is.  How does this relate to relationships?  I believe everything.

It means that what is inside of you is reflected everywhere in the universe. The changes you make inside of you are reflected outside of you. The reality is not objective, but subjective. For example, if you are disrespecting to others, in actuality it means that you do not respect yourself. I am sure everyone has heard “You cannot love anybody else unless you love yourself.” It is not a cliché but a truth of life. The truth is that you cannot respect and love others unless you respect and love yourself. So this means if someone is disrespecting you, he/she has the problem not you. However, the same applies to you. If you are disrespecting someone in any way or fashion, it means you do not respect yourself. If you would, you would be more considerate, respectful, loving, and kind to others as well.  According to the holographic nature of our world, when you become more loving and kind towards yourself, that change would be reflected in your relationships. You will attract people in your life that are loving, kind, and respectful. Don’t look outside of you for satisfying relationships; see what needs to be improved inside of you. Don’t give that control in the hands of others, instead take the responsibility in your hands and do something about it.

Just heads up, it is not just a decision that you can make to love, respect, and be kind towards yourself. It is a process of falling in love with yourself just like with another person. It requires you to be reflective about your strengths and weakness. It requires you to know yourself at an intimate level. In today’s society, it is easier for us to get to know others than ourselves. It is a process, so be patient, kind, and loving towards you if it is frustrating initially and it can be.

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Dr. Kaur

Transformation through Relationships

You can transform yourself through looking at the relationships you have.


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