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Self-esteem and Spirituality

We are always taught not to talk about religion and politics in social settings, because these are personal matters. Actually, they are not much personal because every human being strives for meaning in life, to make sense of his/her living, and other deep questions that are not openly discussed in our society. I am working with a client who suffers from anxiety, but does not know where is it coming from. I believe that each person has everything in them to resolve their own dilemmas, difficulties in life, and mental blocks. After about two months worth of work, this individual brought up spirituality into the equation. She mentioned about the separation she feels from “the Source or the Higher Power.” She came to an insight that she feels this void inside of her, which does not get filled no matter what she does. She then said that she wants to feel connected to the Source but she does not know how. This was what I had been looking for from this client.

Newtonian science has taught us to break things down to get to the building blocks of life. Often times, we are caught up in the symptoms and do not look up to have an abstract look at things. Quantum physics has again provided us the same understand of life that many mystics in the world taught us many centuries ago. We all are connected. The Whole is bigger than the sum of all parts. It is this Whole that we strive to be connected to. Most of my clients get to this realization at some point in their treatment journey. This connection is important and our society does not value it that much. Get in contact with your Higher Self. You will come to the balance of life where stress, anxiety, depression, etc. dissipate. You will learn of being instead of doing. Take 10 minutes out of your day, whether in the morning or evening, to sit down with yourself and enjoy your company. Fall in love with yourself and you will become to know, who you are. Knowing your Higher Self and being in contact with it is the true form of self-esteem.



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