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Malfunctioning Beliefs

As much as we like to blame things outside of ourselves that cause us anxiety, but the reality is that our own beliefs get in the way our happiness or peace of mind. If you are experiencing anxiety about something, sit down with yourself and dig deeper into yourself till you get to the core beliefs about your anxiety. When you start looking, you will notice many different answers or beliefs surfacing. These would just be the beginning. If we use the metaphor of ocean, then you would know that the ocean is very turbulent at the surface. This is what you would notice in the beginning. However, as you would go little bit deeper, you would notice couple of core beliefs that are constructing the entire thought process. In the beginning you would identify yourself with thoughts. You would think that you are your thoughts, but beliefs really are at the core. One belief can construct many different thoughts.

So, how would you go deeper? The best method I know is journaling. If you write down everything that comes to your mind, you would start to notice patterns. By everything, I don’t mean to write all day, but when you are experiencing anxiety or later on when you are ready to process your anxiety. You would have to come face to face with your fears. It would get intense if you keep on ignoring them and/or suppress them. Through the exploration of self-doubt, you come to a place called knowing. Here you are faced with your fears and don’t feel intimidated by them due to the exploration and processing you have done along the way. Get to the core beliefs of where your anxiety, worries, or anger are coming from. You would be surprised of the treasure lies beyond these things. You will be at a new place after this exploration.


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