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How do you look at your relationships?

How do you look at your relationships?

Relationships are hard to understand, make, and to maintain. A lot of my clients have trouble doing all the above. So I thought I would write something about the nature of relationships, as I understand it. Relationships are the key to how we make sense of the world around us. Our relationships define our reality. If we do not have relationships, the life and existence feels empty. The meaning we give to our relationships characterizes the core of our living, what we do, why we do, and how we do anything in life.

Consider all of your relationships as mirrors that reflect who you are at the core. Your inner self is reflected through your relationships. If you do not have satisfying relationships then there is something you need to change within you instead of changing the other person. Changing things from outside to inside do not work. We always have to change things inside of us first then that change is reflected outside in our world including in our relationships. According to quantum physics, everything is connected with everything else. There your inner self is not separated from what you experience outside in the world.

Look for the themes in your relationships. Your relationships and people in your life are trying to tell you something. Pay attention to them and how you react around them. Your body is the best barometer to evaluate positive and negative relationships in your life. Pay attention to your body and mood when you are around certain people. How you feel around people is the key to know what you might need to learn from that relationship.

Hope it is helpful. Please share your thoughts with me.

Dr. Kaur


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