National Holistic Counseling

Reaching the Highest Potential

Benefits of CounselingCounseling facilitates personal and interpersonal functioning and growth of an individual, a family, and/or a group.  Counseling enhances individuals’ emotional, psychological, vocational, social, developmental, and/or spiritual growth.  Counseling uses theory, research, and practical techniques to help individual to learn how to alleviate distress, cope with stressors, problem-solve, and to handle crisis, which improves his/her functioning level.  Further, counseling is about assisting individuals to find their authentic self, including strengths and weaknesses, from which they can draw the necessary skills to move towards evolution and self-actualization, which is to explore person’s highest potential.

I utilize a holistic approach that includes cognitive behavioral, depth psychology, positive psychology, and Existential-Humanistic theoretical orientations along with Eastern Philosophy principles (e.g. mindfulness, meditation) and quantum mechanics principles (e.g. non-locality, holographic universe, complementarity, uncertainty, and wavefunction collapse) when working with clients.  Counseling is an active verb and requires work to accomplish goals and objectives set as a part of counseling.  Most of the work is done between counseling sessions.  I usually asks my clients to do some homework, journaling, and other activities, as they would relate to the treatment plan.   The interventions I will be using would be grounded in theory and research.  Usually, I educate my clients about the treatment and conditions, so that clients can be active participants in their treatment.  Clients have every right to have rationale behind all the interventions used in counseling.

With my humanistic view to life, I am a very optimistic person. I work with clients with the same optimism towards growth and development however clients may define them.